9 Simple Hiking Hacks for Your Next Outdoor Adventure


Hiking offers numerous benefits, from physical health to mental well-being. Explore new places and beautiful views while gaining valuable skills. Discover nine hiking hacks for a smoother adventure.

Waterproof Your Feet

Keep your feet dry with waterproof socks or shoes. Choose hiking footwear with built-in waterproofing or use duct tape in case of leaks. For camping, swap socks, wrap feet in plastic bags inside wet shoes, and enjoy dry feet at night.

Take Duct Tape

Bring duct tape for unexpected fixes. Wrap it around a trekking pole or get a smaller roll. Duct tape can repair garment and backpack rips, protect against blisters, and keep hiking footwear dry.

Don’t Forget the Lube

Prevent skin rubs and sores with lube or anti-chafing solution. Apply to areas prone to friction, such as inner thighs, under sports bras, ankles, footwear, and backpack straps, ensuring a pain-free hike.

Pack the Right Bags

Protect your gear from rain by using a rucksack cover or dry bags. Ziplock bags keep clothing dry, and a bin bag can serve as an emergency poncho or a place to store wet clothes. Use bags for phone, map, compass, food, or car keys.

Pack a Collapsible Cup

Ensure hydration with a collapsible cup. Add it to your pack for quick water stops. Explore options from our best camping mugs and cups roundup.

Stay Dry with Merino Wool

Opt for merino wool baselayers to stay dry longer. The natural fiber regulates temperature, preventing sweat-induced dampness. Enjoy its anti-odor properties during multi-day hikes.

Take Your Poles

Trekking poles reduce muscle fatigue, offering balance and support on hilly terrain. They aid river crossings and provide stability on uneven ground, making hikes more comfortable and extended.

Choose Hostels, Not Camping

For multi-night hikes, consider hostels or guest houses to lighten your pack. Access free bothies across the UK for a comfortable night indoors. Reduce the load and enjoy a bed each night.

Dry Wet Socks the Easy Way

Dry wet socks efficiently by rolling them over sealed water bottles filled with boiling water. Leave them overnight for a quick, hassle-free drying method.


Armed with these hiking tips and hacks, embark on enjoyable and easier adventures, making the most of your outdoor experience.

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