Fight breaks out between NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch at All-Star Race

A physical altercation erupted between NASCAR drivers after a collision on the track.

Stenhouse crashed due to Busch's bump, igniting tensions between the two during the post-race fireworks.

Video footage captured Stenhouse throwing a punch at Busch after a heated exchange of words.

Crew members from both sides joined the scuffle, escalating the situation further.

Stenhouse cited frustration over Busch's past comments and his own declining performance.

The lack of an exit tunnel at the racetrack contributed to the confrontation's timing.

No serious injuries were reported, but NASCAR will assess potential penalties by Wednesday.

Busch finished 10th, while the crashed Stenhouse ended up last in the All-Star Race.

Joey Logano emerged as the race's winner, claiming the $1 million prize.